La Barca
Supermarket & Taqueria

Fresh ingredients

Premier Establishment

Open since 1986 La Barca Supermarket & Taqueria, a small family business that started as a Taqueria, and that over time and seeing the needs of the neighborhood, transformed into a small store which, over time, became a large supermarket, being the favorite of all. inhabitants of the sector. We want to thank the entire community, especially the Hispanic community, for their support of this venture and for placing their trust in us. We are committed to continuing to offer quality, fresh products at the best prices as we have done since day one. Providing fresh groceries and delicious ready-to-eat meals to our customers

Fresh Produce & Ingredients

Wide selection of fresh and high-quality groceries

cooked food close-up photography
cooked food close-up photography
pile of bell peppers and beans at the grocery
pile of bell peppers and beans at the grocery

Expertly prepared Mexican dishes using the finest ingredients